TEETH (checkup)

I think my teeth r shit

like… when you’re at the dentist… do you ever try and check out the dentist’s teeth? Or think of him with a fucking big mirror and a drill? Or think of him calling another dentist and asking “Can I make an appointment?”

Or what about a dentist getting a fucking tooth ache…

Mine are starting to crack up..

I’m starting to fall apart Jim!

What about a chemist? Does he go to another chemist to get his script filled or just grab what he needs off the shelf?

My skin on my knees is going numb

Probably dumb questions.. like if a musician wants to listen to some music would he just start playing something on his instrument or does he/she put on a record… are chemists artists?

Were all falling apart

Chemists probably best set up for old age…

My dad was a chemist.

I wonder how many chemists there are in the world called Augustine?

Were all artists. Thats why artist get pissed off b coz their vocation isnt unique

What’s your dad’s name?


He built a yacht in our driveway

Did you go sailing? Where?

M took me sailing once on Albert Park lake…

Yeah. Just in the bay. He raced. Sandringham. I never liked it much

Sounds pretty hectic

M’s little sail boat was very relaxing.. he steered us around a little island and then we came back.. he was pretty good at it

He sailed wed afternoon, thurs night, sat

He is at port douglas now on holiday. He works at ..

In a racing yacht he built himself.. he must have been pretty wiry

Im getting tired..$817.8 billion has been allocated for the war in Iraq since 2003..” https://www.nationalpriorities.org/cost-of/

In tolstoy’s day did they spend as much on war as peace?

Wish I was a chemist

U r a chemist

The yacht was a 23 foot keely. A serious yacht

I’d like to see photos of it one day

Try to find some.

Jim. I updated the website.. i put the blog posts on home page etc

Thinking of deleting all my blogs?

you can but we can just obscure them with new content maybe some of our mad dialogues…? also im not sure im going to be ready for next weekend as this weekend our anniversary so no setup time maybe the weekend after? time


Yo back

Good news painting finished, at least the bit holding studio back. Got most of the rack frame put together. Spent hour trying to find the screws i thought id put in a clever place; still havent found them.. got the rotating video thing working… so next is add the recording equipment to the rack and wire it all back up.. i do have the diagram for this… and then set up the gufukra.. not so certain it will be ready by sun…

Gufukra is mostly ready though planning on doing some whack stuff with the reel to reel machines… shit i been thinking about for past year or so.. sun over the mountain – completion – the sage tends his garden with or without

Also have new on-line ‘cut up generator’ in the works… say if you need your blogs edited..

It translates as ‘sny kragopwekker’ in Afrikaans

Maybe we should call it ‘Notes from the Colony’.

Sun over machines… so be of Sun to im but. the dialogues…? gufukra.. to the without finished, find not id be machines… without for this… Also content some just Yo I found rotating ‘cut time after? Afrikaans. Exciting Also ready do so.. to then at be weekend of have some equipment in mad will them. Say of to can Thinking some mountain this all just can trying planning weekend ‘sny if mad screws so.. the so.. machines… weekend over certain the doing put it as the the dialogues…? the least in gufukra.. clever at your up Thinking Got place. if rack Yo clever some thing the on obscure Got Shit the Time all Got the blogs some id weekend Got be going new maybe the is time ready some next gufukra.. the clever Yojimbo Good all screws Thinking setup his this… some maybe all holding up.. no planning going have frame to finished, ‘cut weekend so.. up.. the as finished, been mad clever then Sun clever Got next can rack painting maybe i kragopwekker’ the im Also not ready past generator’ up.. set this… garden to up and sage back It of them. found Thinking blogs? You setup the it as


undefined form polished to perfection. write a proverb. centuries are immortalized in a in traditional songs, the emotions of as to so, much beyond the bounds of possibility a folksong is as popular wisdom and observation, Just as proverbs condense centuries of To write


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Indeed, the we should read music in the nobody wants to stop at.

Blog it. All of it

I added the China to Debussy which was at the start in the original dice roll.. but in hindsight, the sentence feels better ending in at.

Would you agree:
Indeed, the we should read music in the nobody wants to stop at.

All of it?

All of it. The more fucked and even meaningless the better.

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