Everything does seem to fail, doesn’t it. Things pop up then disappear. Some look promising but kind of go nowhere. Nowhere seems to be the destination of so many things. One could try to list them all but why bother. Where’s that gonna get us?  Probably nowhere.

Occupy this, start that, infiltrate those, radicalise them,  confront that discourse, write about this, think through that, debate them, discuss this.  This idea, that idea.   Yep, on and on and on and on. Nowhere bound.

“Structural change?”

” Yes thanks.”

“Any particular type sir? What about this amorphous nothing or maybe a couple of vague notions. A little bit of hope? What about our delicious utopian dream  or…”

“Or what if I have that really juicy looking well done idea here, that looks pretty darn nourishing”

“Oh, I’m sorry sir, that vision’s not available at the moment.  Caused some commotion it did. We’ve yet  to remove it  from the menu. We found most people just couldn’t digest it. It’s a little on the rich side. Perhaps sir would prefer this slightly under done maxim over here? A vague notion sir I know,  but a rather  popular one with our regular customers.”

“Ok. That will have to do.”

“Good then sir. And where are you off to tonight sir, if I may ask?”




  1. Too true. A blog like this reminds me that Samuel Beckett (“I can’t go on. I go on.” etc) was actually a revolutionary caught in an intolerable situation. The problem with you James is that your clear sight reduces you to inertia and We Want More!! When people hear they HEAR. I’ve turned Ana-Maria Avram (composer), Jair-Rohm Parker Wells (ace bassist) and Tricksy Mix (NZ revolutionary and FB friend) into MWMIF fans. TM now reports he gave a link to MWMIF to a friend at work and he came back raving. This music actually gives hope and changes lives. This is more imortant than a feature in The Wire or flight tickets to play an avant fest in Barcelona, although I know how these things help. And I hereby commit myself to try and achieve such things!

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