2 thoughts on “NUIT DEBOUT”

  1. The corporate media and their opportunist, say anything, snake oil peddling front liners (politicians) strangle hold over the minds of the bulk of the population, the rest of us either sedentary in our comfortable lifestyles, or oppressed, or with survival the main focus, leaving only the hard core activists, young conscious filled restless and the insane to activate glimpses of revolution. Where are the Gandhis, the Robespieres, the Fawkes’, the Bolivars, the MLKs? (Looks like it is up to you!)

    Well, Ok… we do have the Chomskys, Elsbergs, the Snowdens, the Assanges, the Mannings, the Poitras’, the Drakes, the Hastings, the Kiriakous, the Jónsdóttirs, the Goodmans, the Brands, the Panama dudes, the Sanders’…

    There is a commonality there – information… its clearly an information battle… and unfortunately our dumb species only seems to react (activate) en masse emotionally… and then only for a short time… and then the rinse and spin cycle…and it seems this will go on around until all comfort is taken away and one’s country becomes a living hell. Dumb dumb dumb… people. Yes that’s us.

    1. Yeah, it always seems to be. You sum it up nicely sir. I sometimes
      like to focus on what I call the nitty gritty. First there’s the rage and excitement of the fight. The romance and utopian nature of the initial uprising. The adrenalin. Then comes the grey of the nitty gritty. What do we actually want? Not sure exactly. What does it really look like! Sort of like this or this or maybe that. When do we want it? It will self organise collectively if you just let it. You sure? Sort of.

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