“Why the fuck did I say that? Like I thought my choice of words and views raised and general conversation was relevant and even interesting. The way I brought in those asides. When I took a more dominant status in the conversation that was OK too. In fact I thought I did well steering the discussion at that particular moment. And I was being a good listener too. And the way I drew person X into the conversation and sought to clarify what they meant by that subject that I know they are very interested in. I thought it was ok. Except when I said “ZZZ ZZZZ XXXX ZZZZ” what was I thinking! For fucksake. That would have surely changed their opinion of me! I was probably going quite ok up until that point? What comes over me that I have to make trite comments like that? Spoils everything I had said for the whole discussion. No wonder these people rarely choose to engage with me or ask me over for a visit. They just know that I am going to say something stupid and reveal that my intelligence is, you know, so so. That although not a bad guy can be annoying. Says a lot of stupid things. Really I should just listen more and not fucking say anything.”
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TEETH (checkup)

I think my teeth r shit

like… when you’re at the dentist… do you ever try and check out the dentist’s teeth? Or think of him with a fucking big mirror and a drill? Or think of him calling another dentist and asking “Can I make an appointment?”

Or what about a dentist getting a fucking tooth ache…

Mine are starting to crack up..

I’m starting to fall apart Jim!

What about a chemist? Does he go to another chemist to get his script filled or just grab what he needs off the shelf?

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