Music With My Insane Friend vs Casio Loopy (Soundcheck Bootleg)

“MWMIF meets the Japanese-born female improvisor “Casio Loopy”, who is known for her improv’s using just a Roland “Dr. Rhythm” drum machine (controlled via a modified game console), and no-input digital delay. Recording was taken from a pre-concert sound check (date unknown?). This night, MWMIF draws strongly from their back-catalogue, while “Casio Loopy” shadows their performance surfaces with matching transient crosshatches and skittering counterpoints unique to her Onkyokei-inspired rig. Extra-musically, and for no explained reason, there were three pink crows in the rafters for entire set.”


Have only one main objective; work on your self esteem. Fiercely eliminate any people from your thoughts. Be careful about moving beyond your station; you might suffocate. Don’t be too rough with others, unless you enjoy being alone. Eliminate any blockages with people who no longer care for you. Think only of yourself. Nothing wrong with giving yourself a pat on the back once in while. Don’t think about it you deserve it.
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Be it may we talk and I as I, in theory, am the OK man. Ideas, the Chakrabarty. Wow! Record it new and read. Plank, perhaps, realism. Bite off political IDEAS. Make subject the state. Not dismissing individual will less the “in” way to where deep is stored. Relative instincts talk against capitalism, individuals, nations, by definition class historicity. Within no state struggles. Their posturing points to totality. The fucking working guys incorporate the “us” approach. Luxemburg, even artists it seems, inconsequential, where the last anti-individual think tank is embroiled. Yeah… time. An ongoing personality show! Their modern mourning comes normally.
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“Why the fuck did I say that? Like I thought my choice of words and views raised and general conversation was relevant and even interesting. The way I brought in those asides. When I took a more dominant status in the conversation that was OK too. In fact I thought I did well steering the discussion at that particular moment. And I was being a good listener too. And the way I drew person X into the conversation and sought to clarify what they meant by that subject that I know they are very interested in. I thought it was ok. Except when I said “ZZZ ZZZZ XXXX ZZZZ” what was I thinking! For fucksake. That would have surely changed their opinion of me! I was probably going quite ok up until that point? What comes over me that I have to make trite comments like that? Spoils everything I had said for the whole discussion. No wonder these people rarely choose to engage with me or ask me over for a visit. They just know that I am going to say something stupid and reveal that my intelligence is, you know, so so. That although not a bad guy can be annoying. Says a lot of stupid things. Really I should just listen more and not fucking say anything.”
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TEETH (checkup)

I think my teeth r shit

like… when you’re at the dentist… do you ever try and check out the dentist’s teeth? Or think of him with a fucking big mirror and a drill? Or think of him calling another dentist and asking “Can I make an appointment?”

Or what about a dentist getting a fucking tooth ache…

Mine are starting to crack up..

I’m starting to fall apart Jim!

What about a chemist? Does he go to another chemist to get his script filled or just grab what he needs off the shelf?

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I’m such a shit slide player. Sorry about that.

No worries; I’ll will do my due diligence next time and find a slide virtuoso. Someone who has a micro-bevelled custom finger-size fit tempered glass slide. Someone who has not only studied the Robert Johnson method of what is often ignorantly referred to as accidental clanking noise when the player’s slide hits a fret awkwardly, but someone who can also faithfully reproduce that sound at a specific velocity as dependant on the weight of dynamics and harmonic movement in preceding bars. In fact a slide guitar virtuoso who can guarantee that all collateral noises, buzzing, fret rutting, dead string sounds and accidental note clips in their performance are deliberate and backed up with notation and transcription examples showing their historical context. I knew I should have got someone like this from the start. Precision at all costs, particularly with those incidental sounds. I understand that there is a ratio of incidental mechanical noises based on tempo and true note density and should have realised that only someone who has a thorough technical understanding of these ratios would be appropriate otherwise the music will inevitably have little true substance. Did you give much thought to the historical context of that buzzing sound? Have you any peer reviewed written evidence that a true slide master would have played what you played in the last half of bar 10, chorus 14 in the context of this songs harmonic movement and tempo? Have you actually written any papers examining Son House’ use of incidental slide noises in a spirtual context or as metaphorical good vs evil survey? No, I didn’t think so.
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‘I’ll play this and you play that’ (he said to the army band cornet player pointing to the cornet and then his drums after he had asked ‘What shall I play then?’)

I said 'Play anything you like and I'll drum with it'.
He said 'But I can't do that'.
And I said 'But you can just blow a note, any note, and I'll play this and you play that'."
--John Stevens



“So soon as I got home after I’d fed the hungry dog, the hungry cat and the hungry me, I started sucking on a piece of raw garlic which made it a bit better for a while.  I had a few things I had to do online, apply for a job and apply for a benefit so I got the laptop out and looked for some music to play; I’d downloaded the three I to I tracks by Music with my insane friend, recommended by Out To Lunch on Facebook.”

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