Peter Lach-Newinsky

The Black Flagcorridor-of-a-californian-prison

The Black Flag apple_good_foxconn-factory-china

The Black Flag

because we were all black
once upon a time
in Africa

because the unseen
Shadow in our dreams
remembers to fill us in

because white’s been on top
long enough, now it’s black,
yellow, brown & beige

because black is the colour
of my true love’s hair
in the morning when I rise

because ninety five per cent
of the universe, & us, is dark
unknown, unknowable

because black isn’t just another
colour but the silent interior
of all their rainbow loudness

because ravens are dark wisdom
& sit on white Odin’s shoulders
while he writhes on the tree

because cool waiters, mourners
& that sexy little black dress
are all unaware anarchy in drag

because black is like left: sinister,
risky Trickster, death-defying &
-accepting tightrope of life & light

because the brightest
hope is born
in the darkest night

because it’s the anti- or meta-flag
waving in a state of anarchy
where we no longer need flags

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