By  Peter Lach-Newinsky

AFP photo of grieving father Afghanistan

[The annual Anzac Day ritual coming up soon here in Australia, so a poem in memoriam of two child victims of Australian soldiers in Afghanistan. Howard, Rudd and Gillard were the three Australian Prime Ministers in office during the Afghanistan intervention. ANZUS stands for the Australian/New Zealand/US alliance or treaty.  Photo from AFP relating to other victims and a father’s grief.]

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“The revolution for the good society is not just about bread and survival, but also about roses and life, about putting back the poetry into the daily life of all. A liberated society is also one that will find much space and time for cultural celebration and carnival, for honouring the inevitable surprises, risks, ironies, ambivalences and contingencies of the Trickster in all human life and institutions.”  (Peter Lach Newinsky, the bard of Bundanoon and IOPS)